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A leading name in Italian beauty for over 40 years. Established in 1972, our story is all about Nature and turning it into products for personal well-being.
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​On the 300-hectare Tenuta Massaini estate, we grow grapes, olives and oats, extracts from which are used to create the three lines they take their name from; two plants native to the area, maritime pine and broom, are also used in our products; and medicinal herbs such as mint, thyme, marigold, helichrysum and chamomile are also being grown on the estate, and will soon be featured in a number of highly specific cosmetic lines.

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We are also continually on the lookout for increasingly effective functional ingredients, which we source directly where they are grown so as to preserve their efficacy: there are currently more than 300 from all over the world.

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We turn the colours and fragrances of nature into simple yet innovative natural beauty formulas, whose efficacy and results are guaranteed by specialised dermatological institutes.

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