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Almond - Roll-on deodorant - softening and velvety (50 ml)

MANDORLE DOLCI - Roll-on deodorant - softening and velvety - with Sweet almond oil and milk (50 ml) - normal skin

Almond - Roll-on deodorant - softening and velvety (50 ml)

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  • Gentle on the skin, it offers a fresh sense of well-being with every use. The special formula with Sweet Almond Milk deodorizes effectively without altering natural perspiration. It can be used at all times, including after hair removal. The handy roll-on format makes it easy to apply, for a long-lasting fresh and clean feeling.

    98% naturally-derived ingredients

    -98% select naturally-derived ingredients
    - 0% alcohol
    - Sweet Almond Milk is an emulsion made from almonds. The majority of their beneficial properties are preserved and help to enhance skin beauty.

  • Hair/Skin:Skin.
    Actions:Delicate deodorant.
    Direction for use:How to use it: apply it wherever necessary after your bath or shower.
    Scent:A delicately floral fragrance with honey and almond notes.
    Suggestions:For anyone looking for a delicate deodorant that will not alter their natural perspiration.
    Characteristic:0% parabens, formaldehyde releasers, mineral oils, silicones, alcohol, colourings, EDTA and aluminium salts.
    Texture:Liquid emulsion.
    Application Area:Underarm areas.

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