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Aminovita - Face Cream - Anti-Wrinkle and All-Round Action - Very mature skin

Aminovita - Face Cream - Anti-Wrinkle and All-Round Action* - with Pluridefence (50 ml) - Very Mature Skin

Aminovita - Face Cream - Anti-Wrinkle and All-Round Action - Very mature skin

  • Our patent
    Young people¿s skin is capable of protecting itself effectively from the daily impact of passing time, the elements and pollution. However, as the years go by, the skin¿s defence mechanisms lose their ability to prevent the build-up of harmful substances that cause it to age. Bottega Verde has responded to this problem by creating Pluridefence ® , a patented molecule that is the result of an invaluable partnership between the Bottega Verde Research and Development laboratory and the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry at the University of Milan. Pluridefence ® is the most important ingredient in Aminovita as it provides all-round antioxidant action, fighting free radicals, and repairs and protects the cells of the epidermis.

    Treatment to defend your youth:


    All-round anti-wrinkle action** protects the skin's vitality, and evens and smooths ¿ softer, silkier skin

    Active ingredients

    Pluridefence ® : the exclusive Bottega Verde patent that provides an effective barrier against pollution and helps to protect the vitality of the skin

    Jojoba Oil: this liquid wax comes from Central America and offers extraordinary emollient properties and softness, even for the driest and most dehydrated skin types.

    This face cream makes the skin even, smooth and silky, helping to combat skin ageing on a number of fronts. The secret lies in the exceptional action of Pluridefence ® , a patented molecule by Bottega Verde with outstanding protective effects that helps to counteract the processes behind skin ageing: it preserves the vitality of the skin and enhances its suppleness and tone. The rejuvenating effect becomes more noticeable every day, as the features get smoother and more relaxed and the face is silkier and more compact. In addition, the extremely rich, smooth-flowing texture offers instant softness.

  • Hair/Skin:Very mature skin.
    Actions:Anti-ageing, combats free radicals, moisturising and protecting.
    Direction for use:How to use it: use your fingertips to apply the cream, moving delicately from the bottom of your face upwards and from the centre outwards. This application method and the effects of the cream will help to keep your skin in optimum condition.
    Scent:Floral, fresh, fruity and musky notes.
    Suggestions:For all women who want to take care of their skin.
    Characteristic:A face cream containing Pluridefence, a patented molecule by Bottega Verde.
    Texture:An emulsion of medium consistency.
    Application Area:Face.

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