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Aminovita - Night Face Cream - Very Mature skin

Aminovita - Night Face Cream - Anti-Wrinkle and All-Round Action* - with Pluridefence (50 ml) - Very Mature Skin

Aminovita - Night Face Cream - Very Mature skin

  • Treatment to defend your youth:


    All-round anti-wrinkle action* protects the skin¿s vitality and keeps it toned and supple the skin is instantly soft and silky, and the face looks fresher and more toned in the morning

    Active ingredients

    - Pluridefence ® :the exclusive Bottega Verde patent that provides an effective barrier against pollution and helps to protect the vitality of the skin
    Pro-Retinol:aka provitamin A, has proved to be very effective against skin ageing.

    This rich, intense night treatment takes advantage of the benefits of rest to set free all of the all-round antioxidant potential of Pluridefence ® . This molecule has been patented by Bottega Verde and combats free radicals and repairs and protects the cells of the epidermis, defending and protecting the vitality of the skin and keeping it toned and supple. The extremely velvety and smooth-flowing texture instantly makes the skin sublimely soft and silky, while in the morning your face will look more fresh, toned and radiant.

    Our results*
    younger looking skin for 43%
    softer skin for 85%
    more nourished skin for 79%
    more revitalised skin for 59%
    more radiant skin for 56%.

    *personal assessments made by 140 women.

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
    Actions:Nourishing, anti-wrinkle and protective.
    Direction for use:How to use it: after cleansing, use your fingertips to apply the cream every evening, moving delicately from the bottom of your face upwards and from the centre outwards. This application method combined with the cream helps keep your skin in optimal condition.
    Scent:A floral, fresh and fruity fragrance.
    Suggestions:For all women who want to take care of their skin at all times, including when they rest at night.
    Characteristic:A night cream containing Pluridefence, an innovative active ingredient with all-round antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties.
    Texture:An emulsion of medium consistency.
    Application Area:Face.

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