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Argan - Extra nourishing mask (200 ml)

Full description

A real beauty treatment for thinned, unruly and dry hair, it improves brightness and softness in 2 minutes, giving extra nourishment. The formula, particularly rich in active ingredients of plant origin, combines Argan oil and butter with Vitamin E. Application after application nourishes the hair, instantly detangling it and giving wonderful shine and silkiness ... for a sublimated and flowing hair.


Choose it if

you want extra nourishment for softer, flowing hair.



Argan - Extra nourishing mask with Argan oil and butter (200 ml) - works in 2 minutes - dry or damaged hair.


Advice for use

Use it like this: for an intense action, apply 1 or 2 times a week after shampooing to damp hair, making sure to distribute the product over the entire length. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.



floral, oriental, vanilla, musky-sweet, woody.


Natural secret

Argan oil and butter.




Argan - Extra nourishing mask (200 ml)

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