AVENA Face cream, moisturizer, with Tenuta Massaini Oat milk (20ml)

Tenuta Massaini Oats

Cultivated on the Tenuta Massaini estate, pampered by the sun of its generous lands, this excellent cereal grows. Plant native to Europe, its cultivation is lost in the mists of time. Its derivatives and in particular the oat milk are widely used in cosmetics for their moisturizing and soothing properties.

Oats are widely used to

moisturize the skin: oat milk, thanks to its sugar content, helps to keep the skin's hydrolipidic barrier in good condition, helping to maintain optimal hydration.

Soothe dry skin: Oats, rich in polyphenols (including avenanthramides) help relieve dry skin and reduce the discomfort associated with it.

Daily nourishing and moisturizing treatment, formulated with ingredients selected for their delicacy, including the precious Tenuta Massaini Oat Milk. Protects even the most sensitive skins from external aggressions. It gives instant comfort and relieves the sensations of discomfort and discomfort typical of easily irritable skin. The ultra-melting texture is immediately absorbed, offering softness and well-being to each application.

97% ingredients of natural origin

AVENA Face cream, moisturizer, with Tenuta Massaini Oat milk (20ml)