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Barberia Toscana - Multi-action oil enriched with olive oil (30 ml)

Barberia Toscana - Multi-action oil enriched with olive oil from Palazzo Massaini (30 ml)


Barberia Toscana - Multi-action oil enriched with olive oil (30 ml)

  • Barberia Toscana is inspired by the ancient art of Italy¿s barbers, an Italian tradition exported around the world, to create a flawless beard and make shaving a pleasant experience. The modern man, who links self-image with attention to detail, is returning to these rituals from the past, combining personal care with pleasure and tranquillity. Captivated by classic fragrances and traditional routines starting with Barberia Toscana rituals in the early morning, because according to the art of beauty, taking care of yourself means tranquillity, pleasure and well-being.

    A unique product with nourishing, moisturising and protective properties. Excellent for softening the skin after shaving or to manage and make your beard silkier. The formula features a special blend of vegetable oils: Sunflower oil, sweet Almond oil, Rapeseed oil and the finest olive oil from Palazzo Massaini, with a soothing effect. The exceptionally pleasant, silky texture releases an intense fragrance with warm notes of fine wood and hints of rare and exquisite balsamic aromas... a real pleasure every morning for the true modern gentleman.

  • Hair/Skin:Face, beard.
    Actions:Keeps your beard soft and manageable, to relieve the stress of shaving.
    Direction for use:- To soothe skin after shaving, apply a few drops of oil to the face and massage in. - For a soft, manageable beard, apply a few drops every day directly to your beard and comb if necessary.
    Scent:Fresh and modern with a hint of fine wood.
    Suggestions:All skin types.
    Characteristic:A multi-action treatment consisting of a special blend of vegetable oils for use after shaving or to make your beard more manageable.
    Application Area:Face, beard.

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