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Receive a boost of energising freshness in the shower with this convenient "two in one" product, for both hair and body. Its embracing fragrance releases an invigorating freshness that recalls the sparkling aroma of Sicilian citrus fruit, and warms the heart with an echo of notes of caramel, amber and spices. Its special formula is enriched with precious wood extract, and leaves your hair soft and shiny and your skin feeling aromatic, tonified and satisfying.

Skin: For all skin types
Actions: Cleansing
Application area: Body
Characteristics: Shampoo and Shower Gel with precious Wood Extracts (400 ml)
Directions for use: How to use it: apply a small amount of the product to wet skin or hair and rub it in until it forms a soft lather, then rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if necessary
Suggestions: Perfect for everyone who wants a single product for body and hair
Texture: Liquid
Scent: Breathtaking, lavish and intense.


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