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Body Lotion with Sicilian Orange Water (200 ml)

A voluptuous body cream, which is as delicate as a soufflé and pleasant on the skin, making it as silky as aromatic orange blossom petals. Its soft texture, which melts on the skin, and its pleasant aroma come together with satisfying and enjoyable notes. Thanks to a rich cocktail of selected active ingredients, most notably organic Sicilian orange water extract, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, it nourishes the skin, releasing silky radiance with each application¿ and enveloping you in aromatic beauty!

Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
Actions:Hydrating and moisturising.
Direction for use:How to use it: massage the product into the skin of your body whenever you like, to keep it soft and velvety. Excellent after a bath or shower.
Scent:A soft, refined and vivacious fragrance.
Suggestions:For everyone who wants soft and elastic skin whilst enveloping themselves in a fresh and delicate fragrance.
Characteristic:A light and delicate cream with a fresh fragrance, enriched with orange water. 0% parabens and formaldehyde releasers.
Texture:Gel cream.
Application Area:Body.

Body Lotion with Sicilian Orange Water (200 ml)

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