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Chile musk rose - Elasticizing musk rose oil (30 ml)



Excellent for face and body , this is  formulated with pure musk rose oil only .This oil is truly unique because of its exceptional repairing powers.

when used daily  it helps to reduce the sign of ageing and to restore extraordinary eslacticity and firmness to the skin.


Direction for use : apply a small amount of the oil directly to the affected areas and massage until fully absorbed or at the time of use , add a few drops to your usual cream  to increase its effectiveness.

Chile musk rose - Elasticizing musk rose oil (30 ml)



  • Hair/Skin:All skin types.
    Actions:Its formula is ideal for relieving tired muscles with an excellent, relaxing massage.
    Direction for use:Use it to massage the body, pushing in gently with your fingertips. Start with the ankles and move up as far as the nape of the neck.
    Scent:The distinctive scent of lavender.
    Suggestions:Anyone who wants a good massage.
    Characteristic: Chilean musk rose aroma
    Application Area:Body.

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