Christmas Lantern

Bath and shower gel, body butter, body scrub and lip balm stick. Brighten up winter days with soft sensations and the scent of Honey and Bergamot!

The gift set is composed by:

DOLCE ABBRACCIO - Bath and shower gel with Honey and Bergamot notes (250 ml)
Its soft lather gently cleanses skin while releasing a delightful fragrance of Honey and Bergamot. Its formula is enriched with glitter to turn your bath into a warm embrace of happiness.

DOLCE ABBRACCIO - Body butter with Honey and Bergamot notes (50 ml) 6,99 euros
This rich, scented butter nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and velvety. Application after application, it releases an intense fragrance of Honey and Bergamot.

DOLCE ABBRACCIO - Scrubbing body cleanser with Honey and Bergamot notes (100 ml)
A rich, creamy and scented beauty treatment that gently cleanses skin leaving it smoother than ever. It combines the exfoliating and smoothing effect of scrubbing microparticles with a creamy texture with Honey and Bergamot notes.

DOLCE ABBRACCIO - Emollient lip balm stick (5 ml) 9,99 euros
Protects and nourishes lips, releasing a sweet and spicy fragrance. Perfect in all situations, it can be applied on its own or before lipstick. Keep it always with you for super soft lips!

Christmas Lantern

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