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Cocco - Eau de Toilette (30 ml)

Sweet, intense and delectable, this is the essence of dreams, which evokes your happiest moments and best memories: from days spent lazily in the sun to strolls along flawless white sandy beaches by a crystalline sea. As warm as an exotic caress, feminine and intoxicating, it allows those who wear it to dream and sends an irresistible message to those who encounter it... the promise of enjoying summer all year round!

Cocco - Eau de Toilette (30 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:
    Direction for use:How to use it: Spray behind the ears and on the wrists.
    Scent:Top notes: bergamot and freesia. Middle notes: coconut and jasmine. Base notes: vanilla and white musk.
    Suggestions:For all women.
    Characteristic:Women's fragrance.
    Application Area:Spray behind the ears and on the wrists.

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