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97% naturally-derived ingredients

Plant collagen booster


it benefits skin affected by Collagen degradation - gets to work whilst you¿re asleep, targeting wrinkles and preventing the skin from aging - moisturising, elasticising and redensifying - your skin will look like new when you wake up: your complexion will immediately appear more toned, compact, and smooth

Active ingredients

Colla-Gain ® containing Pomegranate blossom: a functional ingredient is extracted from this marvellous flower that is able to stimulate the synthesis of Collagen and reduce its deterioration, thus playing a crucial role in boosting the skin¿s youthful appearance. It also improves the brightness of the complexion.

Tea Seed Oil: rich in antioxidants, its elasticising and anti-aging effect combats the ¿stiffening¿ process of Collagen, boosting the skin¿s elasticity and softness.

An intensive treatment that gets to work whilst you¿re asleep, targeting skin aging and the first signs of sagging skin. Collagen is naturally produced by our skin, but with age, its production begins to reduce and cause loss of tone and a weathered appearance. This product improves the elasticity, brightness, and tone of the skin as it has a positive effect on Collagen thanks to the presence of the Pomegranate Blossom extract and Tea Seed oil. Its innovative, melting, and nourishing texture gives you an instant and long-lasting feeling of wellbeing, giving your skin a like-new appearance as soon as you wake up.

Using the face cream for dry skin in association with the night cream balm proved to be ideal for dry skin as it increases skin hydration by 44.08*%
Skin firmness improves by 12.25*%
Skin microrelief improves by 17.48*%
Wrinkles improve by 20.63*%
Skin evenness improves by 8.66*%
The protein level of the stratum corneum, which determines the ¿new skin¿ effect, decreases by 30.59*%
*Instrumental test performe