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Eyebrow Design Kit with Vitamin E - light harmony

A complete kit for shaping and adding definition to your eyebrows in a few, easy motions. The kit, complete with a handy mirror, contains:

1. Tweezers for plucking -

2. A lightly pigmented wax for shaping -

3. A pressed powder to add definition -

4. A double applicator with brush and spooley.

Eyebrow Design Kit with Vitamin E - light harmony


  • Hair/Skin:
    Actions:The lightly pigmented, lightweight wax used for shaping the eyebrows is extremely comfortable to apply and fixes them very naturally and for a long time. The coloured powder has a special, perfectly blendable texture, which allows you to add definition and fill your eyebrows very easily, bringing out their colour.
    Direction for use:1. Pluck your eyebrows with the tweezers - 2. Shape your eyebrows by applying the wax with the brush - 3. Draw on your eyebrows with the coloured powder, using the same brush - 4. Comb your eyebrows with the spooley.
    Suggestions:For those who want to bring out the best of their gaze.
    Characteristic:Choose it if you want a product that contains no parabens, formaldehyde releasers, silicones or mineral oils.Vitamin E: anti-oxidising, and therefore antiage action
    Texture:Pressed powder in one tin, liquid wax in the other.
    Application Area:Eyebrows.

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