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Description :

98% ingredients of natural origin Vegan formula Your Youth Defense Treatment: corrects and prevents the appearance of spots effective for the localized treatment of the main forms of skin dyschromia evens out and brightens the skin tone -53%* color of the spots *Instrumental test on 30 women, 12 weeks, 97% of the volunteers with a positive result -38%** intensity of spots ** clinical dermatological test on 30 women, 12 weeks, 93% of volunteers with positive result Active: Cybright: extracted from a seaweed native to Brittany, it has the ability to intervene on melanogenesis, thus helping to reduce skin spots. Porcelain flower: originally from Asia, it is so called for the refinement of its inflorescences. Its nectar contains phytosterols, responsible for the skin's defences. Illuminating and lightening concentrate for face and hands, with an enhanced anti-stain action. It intervenes directly on skin spots and discolorations caused by ageing, sun, pregnancy or hormonal imbalances. It combines the action of Porcelain Flower extract with Cybright, an active ingredient with the extraordinary ability to improve the problem of skin spots on several levels. The result is a serum with tested effectiveness, which in addition to lightening spots, prevents their reappearance and performs a uniforming and illuminating action. Ideal for all skin types and for all types of spots.


How to use it ;

Use it like this: morning and evening, apply the product on the areas affected by dark spots on the face and hands and massage until completely absorbed. If you use the product in combination with the face cream, first