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Description :


The refills are not resealable and cannot be used alone as they are designed to be used only inside the refillable jar. 96% ingredients of natural origin Vegan formula Refillable jar Your Youth Defense Treatment: Redesign the volumes of the face Reactivates the skin's mechanisms: more elasticity, more firmness, more luminosity Gives thin and dull skin more strength and vitality Instantly restores the natural radiance of the skin and the complexion returns rosy Ceramides-Complex: a blend of completely natural origin composed of Ceramides of type 1, 3 and 6, and vegetable collagen from Acacia, which constitutes a multilamellar system similar to the structure of the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum which acts as a glue, thus performing a fundamental role in improving elasticity, tone and hydration and in restoring integrity to the skin. Porcelain flower: originally from Asia, it is so called for the refinement of its sphere-shaped inflorescences, with a fleshy and wax-like consistency. Its nectar, fragrant and sweet, contains a high content of phytosterols, responsible for the skin's defences. Plumping treatment that contrasts with tested effectiveness the most evident signs of  ageing skin, which appears thin, marked and dull, reactivating its mechanisms and giving it more strength and vitality. It has a rich formula that boasts the presence of ingredients selected for their intense restructuring action. In particular: a mix of oils and sugars to combat dehydration, a blend of vegetable ceramides and vegetable collagen from Acacia to counteract loss of tone and thinning skin, Vitamin E for an antioxidant action and Oats to give comfort to the most fragile and delicate. The texture immediately enters into perfect affinity with the skin and contains toning pigments that instantly restore the skin's natural luminosity.


How to use :

Use the refill by inserting it directly into the glass jar of the face cream you previously purchased. Use it like this: morning and evening, spread the cream with your fingertips with delicate movements from the bottom of the face upwards and from the center towards the sides. Use it like this: spread over the face and neck with your fingertips with delicate movements from the bottom of the face to the top and from the center to the sides. This method of application combined with the use of the cream helps keep the skin in its optimal state.


Scent :

Feminine, floral, delicate note


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