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Foot and leg spray, with Mint essential oil (100 ml) - refreshing

An instant feeling of freshness and relief for tired legs and feet! Specially designed for people who walk a lot or spend long periods on their feet, this ice effect spray refreshes tired legs and feet, quickly and effectively giving them a renewed sense of wellbeing. As well as having refreshing properties, it gently keeps bad odours at bay.

Mint Essential Oil: highly appreciated for its numerous benefits, it has a significant refreshing effect.

WARNING: Wash your hands after use. Do not apply to sensitive, damaged or irritated skin. Keep out of the reach of children. FLAMMABLE

Foot and leg spray, with Mint essential oil (100 ml) - refreshing

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types. Do not spray the product on cuts or wounds.
    Direction for use:How to use it: spray it onto your feet and legs a number of times a day.
    Scent:An aromatic, balsamic fragrance.
    Suggestions:For anyone who wants a fresh sensation and relief for their feet and legs.
    Characteristic:Gas-free spray enriched with menthol and mint extract. 0% parabens and formaldehyde releasers.
    Application Area:Feet and legs.

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