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Rosa - Shower gel with rose bud water (400 ml) It's like immersing yourself in a soft carpet of velvety petals, this inebriating shower gel with the romantic fragrance of Rose... for a cleansing that blooms with delicious softness. Rose - eau de toilette (30 ml) Romantic, enchanting, magnificent... a wonderful interpretation of the delicious olfactory notes of the most loved flower, the Rose. A hymn to absolute beauty, which caresses the senses with magical notes of dew-soaked petals and intense scents of flowers that bloom in spring gardens. Rosa - Hand cream with rose bud water (75 ml) Inviting and fragrant nourishment for the hands, enriched with rose bud water, excellent for counteracting dryness and dehydration. Its sweet rose petal fragrance floods the senses with sweetness with every application! Beauty case Elegant beauty case in pink PU. Measures 19 x 10 x 19 Gift box AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to PinterestShare to TwitterShare to Copy Link




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