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Goji Perfect - Eye Contour Area Treatment (10 ml)

Goji Perfect - Eye Contour Area Treatment - anti-wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles - with PRO-Retinol and Goji Extract (10 ml) - All Skin Types


Complete description

Treatment to defend your youth

- it fights wrinkles, signs of tiredness and stress
- it lessens puffy eyes - After 6 weeks of treatment* there was a statistically significant reduction in the volume of eye bags (-3.2%)
- it lightens dark circles - After 6 weeks of treatment* there was a statistically significant increase in the lightness of dark circles (+1.8%)
- perfect skin effect

- a fresh, velvety texture
- Goji berries: the fruit of longevity
- reduces puffiness and dark circles

A high-precision anti-wrinkle treatment that targets the eye contour area. It helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles and combats wrinkles and expression lines and skin sagging in the delicate eye contour area. The highly-concentrated formula is rich in special active ingredients, including a stimulating Caffeine complex and Regu ™ - AGE PF which reduces the puffiness and darkness of circles, anti-ageing PRO-Retinol and Goji Extract. The latter comes from the famous Goji berries, which are also known as the ¿fruit of longevity¿ thanks to their antioxidant and protective properties. An innovative express beauty treatment with an active formulation that provides an instant ¿perfect skin¿ effect.

- Goji Berries: this legendary ¿fruit of longevity¿ is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature.
- Pro-Retinol: also known as pro-vitamin A, it is proven to be extremely effective in combating skin ageing.
- Regu ™ - AGE PF: a complex of plant peptides that are perfect for reducing puffiness and darkness in the eye area.

Goji Perfect - Eye Contour Area Treatment (10 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:Mature skin.
    Actions:Anti-wrinkle, de-puffing and lightening.
    Direction for use:How to use it: apply a small amount of the product to the eye contour area and rub it in delicately until it is fully absorbed.
    Scent:Top notes: Orange, Mandarin and Blackcurrant. Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine and Magnolia. Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber and Musk.
    Suggestions:For anyone who wants to improve the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
    Characteristic:Light gel cream enriched with Goji Extract, pro-Retinol and Caffeine. Choose it if you want a product with no parabens and formaldehyde releasers.
    Application Area:Eye contour area.

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