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Goji Perfect-intensive anti-wrinkle & antioxidant effect with Pro-Retinol & Goji

Age 50+

Treatment to defend your youth:
- It helps to prevent wrinkles and loss of tone
- It helps to prevent marks from appearing and tone down blemishes in the skin

- It leaves you looking perfectly radiant
- It has a rich, extremely comfortable texture
- Goji berries: the fruit of longevity

This is an especially rich cream, which provides targeted action to cater to the needs of mature skin and helps to effectively fight the most obvious signs of ageing: discolouration and loss of tone. It combines 3 of the most well-known anti-ageing ingredients: hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, anti-ageing PRO-Retinol and Goji extract. The latter comes from the famous Goji berries, which are also known as the ¿fruit of longevity¿ thanks to their anti-oxidant and protective properties. It contains ALPAFLOR ™ Gigawhite that helps to fight the formation of marks and helps minimise skin discolouration. The sun filter offers protection from photoageing. The pleasant, rich texture provides comfort to particularly demanding skin, making wrinkles look more relaxed and filled. When applied in the morning, it will give your face the appearance of radiant perfection and your skin will look rejuvenated, more even and glowing.

active ingredients

Goji Berries: this legendary ¿fruit of longevity¿ is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature.
- Pro-Retinol: also known as provitamin A, it has proved to be a very effective way of preventing ageing in the skin.
ALPAFLOR ™ Gigawhite helps to fight the formation of marks and minimise skin discolouration.

ALPAFLOR ™ is a Trademark of DSM

Goji Perfect-intensive anti-wrinkle & antioxidant effect with Pro-Retinol & Goji

  • Skin: Face.
    Actions: Anti-wrinkle, photoprotective, helps to correct skin discolouration and marks, evens and redensifies.
    Application Area: Face.
    Characteristic: Rich cream formulated with 3 of the most famous anti-ageing technologies: Pro-Retinol, Goji Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid. 0% parabens and formaldehyde releasers.
    Direction for use: How to use it: use in the morning after cleansing, massaging into face, neck and decolletage until fully absorbed.
    Suggestions: For the facial skin of women over 50.
    Texture: Particularly thick cream.
    Scent: A delicate, floral fragrance with citrus notes.

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