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HYDRATION BOOSTER 99% ingredients of natural origin 45% recycled plastic the ampoules are made with 45% recycled plastic vegan formula Your youth defense treatment: Action 7-day intensive ultra concentrated treatment - shock action on wrinkles and expression lines - immediate filler effect - recompacting and super moisturizing action - toning lifting effect - practical single-dose format to preserve functional principles TESTED EFFECTIVENESS ** 1 APPLICATION: HYDRATION + 11.22% -MEDIUM ROUGHNESS -9.97% 7 APPLICATIONS: HYDRATION + 22.96% - MEDIUM ROUGHNESS -12.80% ** Instrumental clinical test on 22 women: - efficacy after 1 application of Hyaluron plus anti-wrinkle ampoules with filler effect - efficacy after 7 applications of Hyaluron plus anti-wrinkle ampoules with filler effect + Bottega Verde anti-wrinkle cream Active Hyaluronic Acid: performs the fundamental task of retaining water and thus giving volume and tone to the skin. Filmexel®: natural and multifunctional polymer that forms a flexible and resistant film, exerting an anti-pollution shield effect. It has an immediate lifting effect and long-term anti-wrinkle effectiveness. Ultra concentrated treatment in 7 single-dose ampoules for an anti-wrinkle and super moisturizing shock action that improves the appearance of the skin, reduces wrinkle signs and facial relaxation in just 7 days. Its formula concentrated in functional principles is inserted in a practical single-dose format that preserves its effectiveness and improves performance. A hydration booster is concentrated in a few drops thanks to the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which acts with an immediate filler effect for a more compact face and a fresher and brighter complexion. The immediate lifting effect due to the presence of Filmexel® gives tone and smoothness. Application after application, the appearance of the skin improves for a new-found youth and freshness. * the formula of the product is designed to obtain a smooth skin visual effect


Tips for use : morning or evening, after cleansing the skin, open the ampoule by exerting a slight pressure on the upper end, tapping on the cap so that all the product is collected in the lower part. Apply the product on the palm of your hand and massage on the face, neck and décolleté. Let it absorb and continue applying the Ialuron Plus face cream. To be used as an intensive 7-day treatment, when the skin is particularly dry and marked by wrinkles, to regain hydration and smoothness. Repeat the treatment at least once a month, or every day (for a maximum duration of one month) for an anti-wrinkle, filler and moisturizing effect every day.


scent : No perfume


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