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Idravita - Moisturising, anti-wrinkle daytime treatment (50 ml)

Idravita - Moisturising, anti-wrinkle daytime treatment- prolonged comfort - with AQUAPHYLINE®, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E ( 50 ml) - SPF15

Idravita - Moisturising, anti-wrinkle daytime treatment (50 ml)

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  • The skin suffers attacks from the outside world every day (UV rays, stress, pollution), which affect its moisture content, leaving it looking dull, becoming dry and sometimes red with obvious signs of ageing and a horrible feeling of "tightness". Our laboratories have formulated a cutting-edge, high-performance line to restore optimum hydration to the skin. The result is the IDRAVITA line, featuring a mix of active ingredients with recognised moisturising action.

    A daily treatment with a deep-down moisturising action to rehydrate the skin, flooding it with instant, lasting comfort and combating signs of dry skin, such as fine lines, dull tone and "tightness". The SPF15 formula contains active ingredients that boost the skin's natural hydration mechanisms: AQUAPHYLINE ® , Viola tricolor extract, boosts the transport of water into the skin, Hyaluronic acid helps to preserve optimum hydration levels and Fiji water is synonymous with fresh wellness. Vitamin E helps to prevent ageing skin and a mix of plant oils replenishes and helps to restore softness and elasticity. The pleasant, melt-in texture boosts the action of the active ingredients and with every application, the skin is flooded with wellness, the "tight" feeling disappears, and skin is left soft and velvety to the touch as well as radiant and full of vitality.

    Effectiveness test

    50%*more hydration 30 minutes after application. This level has been found to be maintained up to 3 hours from application.
    Tests conducted on volunteers, carried out under dermatological control.

    50%*more hydration 30 minutes after application, prolonged to up to 180 minutes.
    Instrumental tests on 20 volunteers, carried out under dermatological control.

    *average % variation.

  • Hair/Skin:dry skin
    Actions:lasting hydration
    Direction for use:use in the morning after cleansing, massaging into face, neck and decolletage until fully absorbed.
    Scent:floral, aquatic, citrus, woody and musk note
    Suggestions:those with dry skin
    Characteristic:moisturising, anti-wrinkle, daytime face cream with SPF15
    Application Area:face

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