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Iris - Body Cream with Iris Milk and Shea Butter (200 ml)

An aromatic cream that transforms your post-bath massage into a break filled with pure sensual delight. This rich, silky and velvety cream nourishes and soothes the skin of your body, leaving it feeling pleasantly moisturised and enveloped in the quintessentially Italian, fresh and breezy fragrance of iris. It contains iris milk, extracted from the root of Iris Florentina, and Shea butter, which nourishes and softens the skin. Its intoxicating aroma makes your skin alluring and gives you a sense of wellbeing that lasts for hours.

Iris - Body Cream with Iris Milk and Shea Butter (200 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
    Actions:Emollient and aromatic.
    Direction for use:How to use it: massage the product into the skin of your body whenever you like, to keep it soft and velvety. Excellent after a bath or shower.
    Scent:A stimulating, generous, and captivating fragrance.
    Suggestions:For everyone who wants to nourish their skin and envelop it with a fresh and evocative aroma.
    Characteristic:A light cream, easy to apply, which will envelop you in its delicate floral scent. - 0% parabens, formaldehyde releasers, and mineral oils.
    Texture:Cream with a medium consistency.
    Application Area:Body

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