97% naturally-derived ingredients


global anti-aging: enhanced elasticity and firmness in the skin
intense moisturizing / moisturizing booster
smooth, toned and silky skin
antioxidant action


Vine Sap: this prized elixir is extracted from vine shoots only during the bud growing period. It helps preserve and nourish skin cell vitality while maintaining microbiota biodiversity, thereby serving as a skin barrier.
Red Grape phytocomplex from Tenuta Massaini: obtained from Grape skins using a sophisticated bio-liquefaction process, it has powerful antioxidant properties.
PH4 natural lifting ferment: originally from Yosemite National Park in the United States, this natural ferment is produced by growing high quality yeast. It provides the skin with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that enhance its firmness and elasticity.

This powerful, global anti-aging body treatment targets the main signs of aging in the skin: dehydration and loss of tone, firmness and elasticity. It combines nature and technological innovation to give tried and clinically tested results. It contains active ingredients with tested effectiveness that are meticulously selected to give unbeatable results. It combines the moisturizing, antioxidant action of Grape-based active ingredients, Bio-liquefied ingredients and Vine Sap with the properties of Ceramides, which play a crucial role in long-lasting moisturizing for the skin. The formula is enriched by a natural ferment from Yosemite National Park, for effective firming and elasticizing action. The inno