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Camouflage Concealer with Bilberry oil and Aloe extracts (4 ml)

Total coverage, long-lasting corrector to conceal bags, dark circles and flaws, leaving your complexion looking even and smooth. The high pigment content and glide-on application provide excellent coverage. Enriched with Bilberry oil and Aloe extract, it is easy to apply with your fingers or the sponge provided.

total coverage

Actions:Ideal for concealing imperfections on the face. The high pigment content is a guarantee of coverage to suit your needs: intense and even if applied in one place; smooth and natural if blended.
Direction for use:How to use it: apply to dark circles and imperfections using your fingers or the special sponge. Use before foundation for a natural look, or after for a higher degree of coverage.
Suggestions:For anyone needing to conceal bags, marks, small scars and discolouration.
Characteristic:Creamy, easy-to-apply texture for high coverage with even, natural-looking results. A professional concept product that is easy to use thanks to the fine, easy-glide-on powders that make application and coverage much simpler to achieve. Choose it if you want a product that contains no parabens or PEGS.
Application Area:Face.

Camouflage Concealer with Bilberry oil and Aloe extracts (4 ml)

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