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Man + - Energy Power - Anti-wrinkle and anti-stress cream (50 ml)

This face cream contains all the ingredients needed by the skin on a day-to-day basis: it offers nourishing, revitalising, toning and anti-wrinkle action. Smoothed over the face every morning after shaving, it is a soothing and calming anti-wrinkle product; used in the evening it offers a unique moisturising action with anti-wrinkle and anti-stress effects. It contains moisturising, anti-ageing Hyaluronic acid and energising, toning Guarana extract. Its especially light structure is absorbed immediately, making the skin appear rested and giving it an instant sensation of freshness.

proven effectiveness*
fewer wrinkles and softer skin for over 80%

self-assessment tests carried out by 20 volunteers for a period of 4 weeks

Man + - Energy Power - Anti-wrinkle and anti-stress cream (50 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:for all skin types.
    Actions:Anti-wrinkle effect.
    Direction for use:Apply morning and/or evening. Also suitable for use after shaving.
    Scent:Green top notes, an ozone scent with hints of lavender, middle notes featuring a mixture of white flowers and base notes of wood, musk and amber.
    Suggestions:Recommended for maintaining the toned and youthful appearance of the face.
    Characteristic:Easily applied, rapidly absorbed cream.
    Texture:Cream with medium texture.
    Application Area:Face

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