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A large selection of our Argan products in a sophisticated polyester felt pochette. A truly chic Christmas treat!
The gift box is composed by:

Bath and shower gel - Silkifying - With Argan (400 ml) - Normal or dry skin
Ideal for bathing in softness, it makes your skin silky smooth and envelops your body in its warm fragrance.

Body lotion - Silkifying and nourishing - With Argan oil (200 ml) - Normal or dry skin
An inviting treatment for the body that nourishes and protects the skin, providing an immediate feeling of softness. The special formula, enriched with Argan oil and butter, renowned for their nourishing properties, can satisfy even the driest and most stressed skin¿ for a long-lasting feeling of wellbeing and velvety softness!

Parfum deodorant - Refreshing and aromatic - With Argan (125 ml) - All skin types
The sweet fragrance of this deodorant offers instant freshness and lasting wellbeing. The formula deodorises effectively without affecting your skin's natural transpiration.

Face cream - Anti-ageing and nourishing - with Argan oil (50 ml) - Normal or dry skin
This is a rich and nourishing cream suitable for all skin types. The Argan oil, rich in vitamin E, A and F, protects and nourishes the skin... making it instantly softer and more velvety.


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