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Nail Growth Treatment with Multivitamin Complex (10 ml)

Transparent nail polish for short, fragile nails. It is formulated with a Multivitamin Complex that nourishes, protects and makes nails stronger, keeping them in tip-top condition for growth.

Nail Growth Treatment with Multivitamin Complex (10 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:Nails.
    Actions:Strengthens, fortifies and keeps nails healthy, encouraging their growth.
    Direction for use:As a base coat, apply a thin layer to clean, dry nails. It can also be used alone for a shiny, natural look.
    Suggestions:For anyone who wants to speed up the growth of their nails and keep them healthy and strong.
    Characteristic:Light blue in the bottle, transparent when applied. Enriched with a Multivitamin Complex.
    Application Area:Nails.

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