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Description : 96% ingredients of natural origin vegan formula Your youth defense treatment: Actions protects and hydrates - instantly smoothes signs of tiredness by acting on fine lines and first wrinkles - acts against the formation of free radicals - anti-pollution barrier effect Active vFilmexel®: is a natural anti-aging polymer that helps make expression lines less visible with an immediate lifting effect and long-term anti-wrinkle effectiveness. Pluridefence®: exclusive Bottega Verde patent, has a barrier effect on pollutants and helps protect the vitality of the skin Cherry Blossoms: flower native to Japan and symbol of renewal. Rich in sugars and flavonoids, it has extraordinary hydrating and antioxidant properties. A gel serum, fresh and rapidly absorbed: it strengthens the skin's natural defenses, protects from environmental factors, fights oxidative stress and helps reduce the appearance of the first signs of expression. Its strength is the combination of Filmexel®, with an instant smoothing action, Pluridefence®, an exclusive Bottega Verde patent which has a barrier effect and defends the vitality of the skin and cherry blossom extract with a hydrating and antioxidant action. It is excellent combined with face cream to enhance its effectiveness. In case of combination or oily skin, thanks to its gel texture, it can be used as a replacement for the cream itself.


use it like this: morning and evening apply to cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Massage until completely absorbed. It can be used alone or before face cream.


Scent : flowery, fruity, vanilla, musky


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