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We have designed a line of targeted treatments to meet the needs of mature women and combat the skin problems linked to ageing: dullness, dryness and sagging. Our exclusive formulas have a perfecting and ultra-comfortable texture and include a special selection of active ingredients able to meet the needs of particularly demanding skin. Application after application, your skin will look better and better, because beauty is renewed every day!

very mature skin
ultra-comfortable, perfecting texture

Treatment to defend your youth:

- improves skin elasticity (+15%*) and skin tone (+10%*)
- prevents sagging and improves skin density (+3%*)
- targeted action that combats dryness, sagging and dullness

prevents sagging - protects elasticity - nourishes intensely - renews radiance - supremely comfortable

active ingredients

- Activated plant oils: a phytocomplex of oils enriched with moisturising and antioxidant properties.
- Pro-Calcium: derived from Vitamin B5, it renews skin tissues.
- Orchid Extract: it comes from the flower that best represents beauty and refinement, which is widely used in cosmetics.

Its formula is a real nutrient supplement for particularly demanding skin, which leaves it extremely soft and supple, renewing radiance and tone. It boasts a special selection of plant-based active ingredients, including Orchid Extract, activated Plant Oils, extremely pure Phytoceramides and Pro-Calcium. Their combined action targets skin density and elasticity. Day after day, its renewing and super-nourishing action helps to combat dryness, signs of tiredness and dullness. The perfecting texture offers particularly dry skin unmatched well-being from the very first application, leaving skin looking renewed and radiating with new-found vitality.

After 6 weeks of treatment* there was a statistically significant improvement in skin tone (10%)

After 6 weeks of treatment* there was a statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity (15%)

After 6 weeks of treatment* there was a statistically significant improvement in skin density (3%)

*clinical trials conducted on 20 volunteers.

Hair/Skin:Mature skin.
Actions:Elasticising, firming, moisturising and illuminating.
Direction for use:How to use it: use your fingertips to apply the cream, moving delicately from the bottom of your face upwards and from the centre outwards. This application method combined with the cream helps keep your skin in optimal condition.
Scent:Feminine floral, musky and spicy notes.
Suggestions:For women over 60 with demanding skin.
Characteristic:Choose it if you want a product that contains no parabens, formaldehyde releasers and mineral oils.
Application Area:Face.


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