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95% ingredients of natural origin

- Global anti-aging treatment specific for the eye contour, improves the appearance of bags and dark circles
- Acts on fine lines and wrinkles
- Globally improves the main indicators of age: dark circles, bags, radiance , signs of fatigue, appearance of fine wrinkles, freshness

reduces the volume of bags -16.93% *
makes the skin brighter + 5.29% *
reduces dark circles -5.05% *

* Instrumental test on 19 women for 4

Active weeks

- Inolixir ™:natural extract from the Chaga mushroom, native to northern countries, is able to strengthen the natural protection system of the skin, protecting the microvascular network for a strong anti-puffiness and dark circles effect. It acts on the fine lines around the eyes and has an anti-redness action, giving comfort even to the most sensitive skins.
- Saffron pistils : known as red gold, saffron is known for its anti-aging properties. The pistils, the most precious part, are rich in phytocomplexes with a powerful antioxidant action, confirmed by numerous scientific studies.
- Hyaluronic Acid: performs the fundamental task of retaining water and thus giving volume and tone to the skin.
- Caffeine:presente in molte piante con caratteristiche stimolanti, aiuta a ridurre i gonfiori tipici delle borse, decongestionando la zona del contorno occhi.

Global anti-aging treatment to improve the appearance of the delicate eye contour area. Thanks to the presence in the formula of a careful and scrupulous selection of specific functional principles, it is effective on many fronts: thanks to the vasoprotective and soothing activity of Inolixir ™ it improves bags and dark circles, smoothes fine lines and gives comfort; performs a smoothing and anti-relaxation action thanks to the synergy of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. The presence of illuminating pigments gives brightness to the eyes. The texture is rich and comfortable, very pleasant to apply. The results are immediate: the area around the eyes is more hydrated, compact, smoother and more luminous, bags and dark circles are reduced ... for a fresh and rested skin as after a 5-day spa treatment!


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