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Actions -
Resynchronizes the biological rhythm of the skin, to keep it vital 24 hours a day: protects during the day and repairs at night -
Global anti-aging treatment 10 actions: anti-wrinkle, smoothing, compacting, elasticizing, protective, antioxidant, illuminating, nourishing, moisturizing, perfecting - Revives the natural rosy complexion of the skin
After 6 weeks of treatment the following was highlighted:
- average decrease in the volume of frontal wrinkles -33.4%
- average decrease in the volume of glabellar wrinkles -20.5%
- average decrease in the volume of nasolabial wrinkles - 21.6%
- average decrease in the volume of "marionette" wrinkles -32%
* Clinical instrumental test on 20 women for 6 weeks
- Sun'Chronize: active ingredient derived from Saffron flowers, it carries out an innovative chrono-protective action: it helps to re-synchronize the biological processes of the skin (circadian rhythm), which are fundamental for its health and beauty. - Saffron Pistils: known as gold red, saffron is known for its anti-aging properties. The pistils, the most precious part, are rich in phytocomplexes with an antioxidant action, confirmed by numerous scientific studies.
- Nasturtium flower extract: helps fight oxidative stress due to free radicals while preserving the skin's natural barrier function to give it a new radiance.
- - Yellow flower wax: a mixture of 3 waxes (Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower) that acts on the skin micro-relief to maintain hydration and provide nourishment to the skin 96% ingredients of natural origin
A treasure chest of precious benefits for the skin, able to defend its beauty and vitality with an intense global anti-aging action. Its innovative formula, rich and multifunctional, works 24 hours a day, day and night, adapting to the rhythms and needs of the skin at various times of the day to combat the main signs of aging.
- This global action owes its effectiveness to a careful and scrupulous selection of specific functional principles.
Sun'Chronize, active derived from Saffron flowers, carries out an innovative chrono-protective activity: it helps regulate the circadian rhythm of the skin, the biological clock that synchronizes physiological processes and repeats itself every 24 hours. In this way, it keeps the skin vital and protected during the day and repaired at night.
The precious Saffron pistils carry out an antioxidant action that defends the skin from free radicals, responsible for aging. The presence of illuminating pigments improves the complexion and brightness of the complexion for an immediate beauty and radiance effect. The incredibly rich and melting texture is in tune with the skin for an immediate feeling of comfort; with each application it gives a satisfying softness and makes the skin nourished, hydrated,


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