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Pure organic skin - Purifying, anti-shine face cream,) -combonation skin(50 ml)

Full description

counteracts excess sebum
mattifying action non-comedogenic
anti-shine effect ultra-fresh, rapidly absorbed texture The essential oil and lemon juice perform a skin-purifying and astringent activity to combat the imperfections of oily skin Organic Ginger in addition to its recognized therapeutic qualities , it is a treasure trove of benefits also for the skin, it carries out a soothing protective activity


A fresh and light cream, specific for treating impure skin on a daily basis. It instantly gives a sensation of beauty and comfort, gives hydration and at the same time carries out a targeted normalizing and mattifying action that regulates the shiny effect. The non-comedogenic formula boasts a selection of ingredients of natural origin: lemon juice and essential oil, organic ginger extract, seaweed extract that boasts a sebum-normalizing action, salicylic acid which with its exfoliating action helps to renew the epidermis. The results are amazing, the skin appears as "purified", fresh, uniform ... pure!


Choose it if

you want a normalizing, mattifying, smoothing, purifying treatment



Choose it if you want a product without parabens, formaldehyde removers, silicones, mineral oils, dyes, EDTA, alcohol.


Advice for use

apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing.



WARNING: Not to be used for children under 3 years old



Citrus note, lemon essential oil


Natural secret

organic ginger extract, lemon juice, seaweed extract, organic barley water


Pure organic skin - Purifying, anti-shine face cream,) -combonation skin(50 ml)

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