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Retinolo Bv Plus - Man - All-Round Anti-ageing Day Face Cream (50 ml)

A daily boost of beauty for men's skin: helps to fight the signs of ageing, preventing wrinkles from forming and restoring the skin's natural freshness. The nourishing and hydrating formula contains a targeted cocktail of plant-based active ingredients. The anti-ageing action of the Pro-Retinol and the Vitamin E work in parallel with the emollient and nourishing properties of the Argan oil and the hydration provided by the Hyaluronic Acid. The extremely fresh and lightweight texture is absorbed immediately, leaving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing, giving skin that looks fresher and more relaxed, as if rejuvenated.

Retinolo Bv Plus - Man - All-Round Anti-ageing Day Face Cream (50 ml)

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  • Hair/Skin:All
    Actions:Emollient and protective effect.
    Direction for use:Apply to the face morning and night and rub it in until it is fully absorbed.
    Scent:TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime Flower, Star Anise MIDDLE NOTES: Precious Spices, Aquatic Notes, Green, Tobacco Leaves. BASE NOTES: Amber, Cedar Wood, Rock Rose.
    Suggestions:For all types of skin. It is especially recommended for mature skin.
    Characteristic:An emulsion with a rich yet rapidly absorbed texture that leaves the skin soft and velvety, with no traces of oil.
    Texture:An emulsion of medium consistency.
    Application Area:Face

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