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Retinolo Bv Plus - Night face cream - anti-ageing, elasticising (50 ml)

Retinolo Bv Plus - Night face cream - anti-ageing, elasticising - with Pro-Retinol, Plant Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid (50 ml) - normal or dry skin

Retinolo Bv Plus - Night face cream - anti-ageing, elasticising (50 ml)

  • Treatment to defend your youth:


    Helps combat signs of ageing ¿ moisturising and nourishing action ¿ it acts while you sleep, for fresher, tighter skin when you wake up

    Active ingredients

    - Pro-Retinol: also known as provitamin A, it has proved to be very effective against skin ageing.
    - Plant Collagen: extracted from Acacia, it has a moisturising and an immediate firming effect.
    - Hyaluronic Acid: carries out the fundamental task of holding water, thereby adding tone and volume to your skin.

    A rich night cream that takes advantage of the fact that skin is most receptive to treatment when you sleep, providing it with everything that it needs to combat signs of ageing. It combines the action of Pro-Retinol and vitamins E and F with the benefits of Ginseng extract and Argan oil. It also contains Plant Collagen from Acacia and Hyaluronic Acid with a moisturising, smoothing effect, for skin that feels wonderfully fresh and restored from the moment you wake up.

  • Hair/Skin:Normal or dry skin.
    Actions:It combats signs of ageing, leaving your skin feeling fresh and restored.
    Direction for use:How to use it: apply it to the face and neck after cleansing in the evening and rub it in until it is fully absorbed.
    Scent:Fruity and floral fragrance.
    Suggestions:Age: 40 to 50 years.
    Characteristic:Easily spreadable face cream featuring a light beige colour, rich texture and a delicate, fresh fragrance. - 0% parabens and formaldehyde releasers.
    Texture:Cream in a pot.
    Application Area:Face and décolletage.

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