Revitalizing face serum  - with Lymph of Vine and red grape.(25 ml) - all skin.

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97% ingredients of natural origin


Revitalizing: repairs and protects the vitality of the skin - reactivates the skin oxygenation mechanisms - counteracts the main signs of aging


Vine sap: precious elixir extracted directly from the vine shoots only in the period of growth of the shoots , has the ability to preserve and nourish the vitality of the skin.

Tenuta Massaini red grape phytocomplex: obtained from grape skins according to a sophisticated bioliquefaction process, it has an important antioxidant activity.

Oxygeskin ®:derived from the Nasturtium flower, it acts by reactivating the skin oxygenation mechanisms, revealing itself to be precious in defending the skin from oxidative stress.

MAXnolia: derived from Magnolia bark extract, it acts by neutralizing the aging factors of the skin, improving its hydration and elasticity

A true concentrate of functional ingredients, which responds to the needs of the skin and counteracts the main signs of aging. The ultra-fluid and light texture to be massaged acts on several levels to maintain the vitality of the skin, reactivate its natural oxygenation and protect it from the main oxidative damage. The formula contains extracts from Grapes, Oxygeskin ® and MaXnolia for a global anti-aging action. From the first application it gives the face a feeling of renewed vitality and youth!


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you want a revitalizing treatment for the skin