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 Description : Effectiveness tested for up to 48h** ** clinical test on 10 volunteers 95% ingredients of natural origin vegan formula It does not contain aluminum salts Without alcohol gentle on sensitive skin 95%* recycled plastic * the bottle of this product is made with 95% recycled plastic Delicate like a caress and effective for up to 48 hours**, it is also ideal after hair removal. It prevents the formation of bad odors, respects the skin and does not block natural perspiration. Contains Dermosoft® which acts on multiple fronts by neutralizing the bacteria responsible for bad odors and Cotton Milk with a softening action. Its delicate fragrance does not contain allergens and gives a sensation of soft well-being throughout the day.


use it like this: apply a thin layer of product with the roll-on ball using a circular motion and light pressure. Do not apply on damaged skin


top notes: Peppermint, Tarragon, Caraway; body notes: Milky Accord, Green Tea, Petals; base notes: Estragon, Amber




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