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Rosa - Eau de toilette (30 ml)

Romantic, enchanting and magnificent¿ a wonderful interpretation of the exquisite aromas of that much-loved flower, the Rose. A celebration of absolute beauty that delights the senses with magical notes of dew-covered petals and the intense scent of flowers blossoming in a spring garden. Silky, soft and gentle as Rose petals, this truly is the queen of fragrances. Romantic for all women, noble for princesses, innocent for girls, sweet for mothers and intense for women in love... a celebration of femininity in all its extraordinary forms.

Romantic, enchanting and magnificent fragrance

Rosa - Eau de toilette (30 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
    Direction for use:How to use it: spray behind the ears and on the wrists.
    Scent:TOP NOTES: Lemon Sorbet, Cherry and Liquorice. MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Jasmine and Magnolia. BASE NOTES: Musk Accord, Gourmand Accord and Vanilla.
    Suggestions:For everyone who wants a delicate rose-scented aura.
    Characteristic:A transparent liquid with a floral aroma.
    Application Area:Body.

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