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ScrubMagico - Smoothing Pedicure Roller

Your feet will be velvety smooth in no time at all with the exclusive ScrubMagico, which is as effective as a trip to the beautician¿s! In just a few minutes, it removes hard skin from your heels and helps to reduce corns and calluses. Your feet will soon be in great shape and velvety soft, giving you a delightful sense of wellbeing. Make your feet even softer after you use the ScrubMagico by rubbing in a good, nourishing foot cream.

The professional abrasive heads give quick results.
It runs on batteries, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.
It has an exclusive ergonomic design.
It is practical and simple to use.
It is water-resistant, so the removable head can be washed under the tap.

The pack contains:
A ScrubMagico
A safety cap
A cleaning brush for the head
It requires two AA batteries (not included in the pack)

ScrubMagico - Smoothing Pedicure Roller

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  • Hair/Skin:
    Actions:Removes hard skin from your heels and helps to reduce corns and calluses. 
    Direction for use:Let the roller rotate on any calluses and the thick skin on the heels, but do not push it down.  
    Suggestions:For everyone.
    Characteristic:Battery-powered scrub roller. 
    Application Area:Heels

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