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SOL Elicriso - protects and hydrates -SPF20 medium protection (200 ml)

Complete description

An excellent protective lotion, perfect for the whole family and for dark or already tanned skin. It is enriched with Helichrysum extract and formulated to allow you to enjoy the benefits of the sun in complete safety and receive an even and radiant tan day after day. It helps to protect the skin from the annoying dry sensation exposure to the sun can cause, and the smooth texture provides a velvety feeling of wellbeing with each application.

Hair/Skin:Phototypes 3-4-5-6.
Actions:Sun protection.
Direction for use:How to use it: apply the product generously before exposure to the sun. Reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, getting wet, or drying yourself off.
Scent:A warm and enveloping fragrance that releases summery hints of coconut.
Suggestions:Phototypes 3-4-5-6.
Characteristic:SOL Elicriso - Sun lotion with Helichrysum extract - protects and moisturises - SPF20 medium protection (200 ml) - water resistant
Texture:Liquid cream.
Application Area:Body.

SOL Elicriso - protects and hydrates -SPF20 medium protection (200 ml)

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