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Transparent lip liner with Mallow extract

An absolutely essential product for a perfect lip line: apply this transparent pencil to the edges of your mouth to prevent your lipstick or gloss from smudging. The waxes in the Mallow-enriched formula create a soft, transparent film around your lips, preventing any colour from escaping: make-up artists¿ secret for an impeccable smile!

Transparent lip liner with Mallow extract

  • Hair/Skin:Lips.
    Actions:Defines the edges of your mouth, preventing lipstick and gloss from smudging.
    Direction for use:Apply along the outside of your lips before applying lipstick or gloss.
    Suggestions:For all women.
    Characteristic:The waxes in the formula create a film that prevents colour from escaping, so it always looks perfect.
    Application Area:Lips.

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