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UOMO - Legno Marino - after shave balm with Minerals (75 ml)

Specially developed to soothe skin stressed from shaving. The rapidly absorbed, alcohol-free, cream formula is also ideal for more sensitive skin types. It combines the replenishing action of Almond oil and Shea butter with a cocktail of Minerals. The result is soft skin that feels cool and velvet smooth after every shave.

UOMO - Legno Marino - after shave balm with Minerals (75 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
    Actions:Soothing and protective.
    Direction for use:How to use it: after shaving, rub the product into your face until it is completely absorbed.
    Scent:A fresh, spicy and stirring fragrance.
    Suggestions:For anyone who wants aftershave with a woody fragrance.
    Characteristic:A rich but easily absorbed lotion that leaves skin feeling soft and velvet smooth but not oily. 0% parabens, formaldehyde releasers and mineral oils.
    Texture:Medium consistency lotion.
    Application Area:Face.

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