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Vanilla Petals and Black Vanilla Fragrant Hands

Our most popular hand creams in a colourful gift pack that is bound to be a big hit with young women and girls!

The gift set is composed by:

Petali di Vaniglia - Hand cream with Vanilla extract and Shea butter (75 ml)
This cream offers instant relief for even the driest hands, helping to protect them and preserve their beauty. It contains Vanilla extract, Shea butter and Allantoin, for daily nourishing of the skin of even the most stress-afflicted hands. Rich and rapidly absorbed, with every application it sets free a sweet, delicate fragrance like velvety Vanilla petals.

Vaniglia Nera - Hand Cream with Vanilla Extract and Argan Oil (75 ml)
This rich, appealing cream is perfumed with the refined, enveloping scent of black vanilla, bringing instant comfort to even the driest, most worn hands. It contains Argan oil and Argan butter, which have protective, moisturizing, nourishing and emollient properties. When used on a daily basis, it keeps hands soft and helps to hold back the signs of age.

Vanilla Petals and Black Vanilla Fragrant Hands

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