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Black vanilla - Eau de toilette (30 ml)

Feminine and intriguing, this fragrance is built around the magic of black vanilla, an orchid of mysterious, sensual elegance. Ever since ancient times, it has been loved for the grace of its petals and the captivating sweetness of its fragrance. An evoker of dreams, undisputed enchantress and incontestable queen of tropical gardens. Its sweet, sensual notes dance around a flowery bouquet which throws up delicious, delicate hints of fruit. Elegant and warm, it reawakens the natural refinement of any woman.

Feminine and intriguing.

Black vanilla - Eau de toilette (30 ml)

  • Hair/Skin:For all skin types.
    Direction for use:Spray behind the ears and on the wrists.
    Scent:Sweet and aromatic top notes: vanilla blossom, coconut milk and coffee beans; fruity and floral middle notes: tuberose, heliotrope flowers, peach and raspberry; musky, woody base notes: patchouli, malt, vanilla pods and musky notes.
    Application Area:Body (behind the ears and on the wrists).

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