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Youth re-activator day & night face treatment -Vine Sap & Red Grape phytocomplex



95% ingredients of natural origin Your youth treatment: Actions - gives the skin 5 years of firmness* *Clinical instrumental test on 24 women for 6 weeks - filler effect that visibly reduces wrinkles - improves skin elasticity and density - tripled antioxidant action compared to the classic Red Grape extract Active Vine sap: precious elixir extracted directly from vine shoots only during the growth period of the shoots, it has the ability to preserve and nourish the vitality of the cells of the epidermis, maintaining the biodiversity of the microbiota and thus promoting the skin barrier function. Tenuta Massaini red grape phytocomplex: obtained from grape skins according to a sophisticated bioliquefaction process, it has an antioxidant activity three times more powerful than our red grape extract. Replexium®: active composed of two peptides that work in synergy to stimulate the key components of the epidermis and dermis and prevent damage caused by skin ageing. Hyacare® filler: thanks to its high moisturizing power, it acts as a dermatopic filler capable of rapidly reducing the appearance of wrinkles after each application. Powerful youth treatment intended for skin marked by wrinkles and blemishes caused by skin aging. It combines nature and technological innovation for proven results. Its functional principles are the result of a careful selection of ingredients with tested efficacy with the aim of presenting our best anti-wrinkle proposal ever, capable of restoring 5 years of firmness to the skin*. It therefore helps fight the signs of aging in a single gesture, ideal both as a day cream and as a night cream. Application after application, its intense anti-wrinkle activity manages to make the beauty and youth of your skin shine again.